iec60092 marine cable
IEC 60092 Marine Cable Catalog

IEC 60092 Standard Marine Cable Includes:

  • Power Cable
  • Communication Cable
  • VFD Power Cable
  • Ethernet & Coaxial Cable
  • Fiber Optical Cable
nek606 offshore cable
NEK 606 Offshore Cable Catalog

NEK 606 Offshore Cable Includes:

  • Low Voltage Power Cable
  • Medium Voltage Power Cable
  • Instrumentation Cable
  • VFD Power Cable
  • Earth Cable
jis c3410 ship cable
JIS C 3410 Ship Cable Catalog

JIS C 3410 Ship Cable Includes:

  • Ship Power Cable
  • Ship Telephone Cable
  • Marine Flexible Cable
  • Switchboard Wire
ship to shore cable
Ship-to-Shore Cable Catalog

Ship-to-Shore Connection Cable Includes:

  • Low Voltage Ship-to-Shore Connection Cable
  • Optical Fibre Composite LV Ship-to-Shore Cable
  • Medium Voltage Ship-to-Shore Power Cable
  • Optical Fibre Composite MV Ship-to-Shore Cable
drum reeling cables
Drum Reeling Cable Catalog

Drum Reeling Cables Include:

  • Low Voltage Drum Reeling Cable
  • Medium Voltage Drum Reeling Cable
  • PUR Sheathed Drum Reeling Cable
  • Optical Fibre Composite Reeling Cable
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