Environmental Policy

Our company implements environmental management systems across all of its divisions in accordance ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Our company is committed to:

  • Control pollution of the air, water, and noise in its surface operations.
  • The observance of environmental laws
  • Training and education on environmental protection and energy conservation for staff at all levels
  • Continuous environmental quality improvement and pollution prevention through the use of best practices, setting and reviewing objectives and targets.
  • Concerned with all of its operations in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and other requirements.
  • Conservation of the environment.
  • Reducing waste production as much as possible through extensive recycling programs
  • To ensure preventive & betterment measures are taken, keep track of the health of all of its employees.
  • Direct response to requests from local governments, environmental organizations, and European and National Bodies (E.U., Government, etc.).
  • Monitoring of all pollution sources on a regular basis and continuously as necessary, with an emphasis on reducing them.
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