Marine Coaxial Cable Manufacturer in China

We manufacture a wide range of marine coaxial cables that are designed to withstand salt corrosion, humidity, cold, heat, vibration, and other harsh conditions.

  • UV-protected
  • Marine-grade, LZHF
  • Comply with the IEC standard
  • RG6, RG11, RG59, RG213, RG214

Marine Coaxial Cable

Marine coaxial or coax. cables are used for data and video signal transmission at a lower loss. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use since they are resistant to UV rays, salt corrosion, heat, vibration, cold, humidity, and other harsh marine environments. Moreover, they can be used for UHF or VHF installations.

We manufacture marine coaxial cables that are certified by the IEC, and other maritime standards. And to make sure we complete your specific needs, we can customize the marine coaxial cables based on your requirements, applications, or installations.

Feel free to contact us for more details about our marine coaxial cables.

RG6 Marine Coaxial Cable
RG6 Marine Coaxial Cable

RG6 marine coaxial cable is the ideal option for transmitting cable television and satellite signals for commercial and residential installations.

RG11 Marine Coaxial Cable
RG11 Marine Coaxial Cable

The RG11 marine coaxial cable is designed with an inner core conductor that is made from bare copper. They are used for TV cabling.

RG59 Marine Coaxial Cable
RG59 Marine Coaxial Cable

RG59 coaxial cable is used for low-power RF and video signal connections. They are used for low-frequency and low-bandwidth applications.

RG214 marine Coaxial Cable
RG214 Coaxial Cable

RG214 marine coaxial cable is suitable for most high-frequency signal and data transmission applications on marine shipboards.

RG58 Marine Coax Cable
RG58 Marine Coax Cable

The RG58 marine coax cable is ideal for board of ship installations and other types of indoor marine offshore environments.

RG213 Marine Coax Cable
RG213 Marine Coax Cable

The RG213 marine coax cable offers less interference and better signal strength. They have an easy solder construction and type approved by ABS.

Marine Coaxial Cable Advantages

Low Signal Loss
Low Signal Loss

The marine coaxial cables can transmit signals at lower loss than other brands of marine coaxial cables.


Our marine coaxial cables are designed with a UV-inhibited protective jacket to enhance their service life.


The marine coaxial cables are resistant to various types of corrosion such as salt-water and atmospheric corrosion.

High Durability
High Durability

Our marine coaxial cables are not easy to pull off, unlikely to break, and unlikely to loosen with time.


Marine coaxial cables can be used for UHF (ultrahigh frequency) or VHF (very high frequency) equipment. They are used for transferring the energy of radio transmitters to the antenna with as little loss as possible. Also, they are used for the transmission of data and video signals. The marine coaxial cables are widely used in the marine industry for:

  • broadband CATV
  • antennae
  • video & data control
  • instrumentation
  • telecommunications
marine coax cable applications
Marine Coaxial Cable Design

Marine Coaxial Cable Design

The marine coaxial cables are designed with an inner conductor that is completely surrounded by a dielectric layer. Also, they will be then surrounded in a cylindrical sandwich with an added outer protective jacket and shielding layers in order to protect the signal-carrying components during their installation, from environmental stresses, and weather conditions.


The marine coaxial cables have features such as:

  • Weather-proof and UV-protected
  • Highly resistant to salt water corrosion, chemicals, and temperatures
  • Low signal loss
  • Excellent signal strength
  • Least interference
  • Fire-retardant
  • Resistant to humidity, vibration, and oil
  • Halogen-free communications
Marine-Coaxial-Cable Features

Your Professional Marine Coaxial Cable Supplier

We manufacture marine coaxial cables from the highest quality, durable, and marine-grade materials. Our marine coaxial cables are ideal for challenging outdoor applications and marine environments. To ensure you get the highest quality marine coaxial cables, we have quality control in every manufacturing process of the marine coaxial cables. Our expert team also ensure to test and inspected the coaxial cables thoroughly before delivering them.

We offer custom marine coaxial cables to meet your specific needs. They can be customized in any length, size, material, features, and other specifications. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more information about our services or marine coaxial cables.

Connector Style
Connector Style

The marine coaxial cables are available in female and male connection types. They are also produced in a wide range of connector styles such as:

  • N-type
  • F-type
  • SMB & SMA
  • BNC & TNC
Inner Core Conductor Materials
Inner Core Conductor Materials

The marine coaxial cables have an inner core conductor that can be made different types of materials depending on your request. The inner core conductor can be made from:

  • tinned copper
  • silver-coated copper
  • bare copper
  • aluminum/copper

Types of Marine Coaxial Cable

Flexible Marine Coaxial Cables

Flexible marine coaxial cables are the most popular kinds of coaxial cables. They can be flexed or moved to suit the desired geometry and configuration of the applications. They are designed with:

  • metal inner conductor that is surrounded by a flexible polymer
  • outer jacket to prevent damage
  • metal core conductor that can be switched from solid to a stranded design
Rigid Marine Coaxial Cables

Rigid marine coaxial cables are also known as a rigid coaxial transmission line. Typically, they are produced in flanged straight sections with fixed lengths. They are composed of:

  • insulated and central wire (inner conductor) that will be positioned inside of a tubular outer conductor
  • specialized springs and braces
  • couplings or connectors
Triaxial Marine Coaxial Cables

Triaxial marine coaxial cables are coaxial cables that have an additional copper braid attached to them. Compared to the usual coaxial cables, the triaxial marine coaxial cables have a better signal-to-noise ratio. They offer:

  • increased bandwidth
  • interference rejection
  • reduced cable loading and losses
Your Professional Marine Coaxial Cable Supplier
Your Reliable Marine Coaxial Cable Supplier

We are global manufacturer that offers high-quality, durable, and safe marine coaxial cables at reasonable prices! We are also able of helping you with the design of custom marine coaxial cables that suits your specific project or application.

What Types of Marine Coaxial Cables are Suitable for VHF Installations?

There are different types of marine coaxial cables suitable for VHF or very high-frequency applications such as:

  • RG-8X
  • RG-213
  • RG-58CU
  • RG-8U
  • RG-58
Which is Better: RG11 or RG6 Marine Coaxial Cables?

RG11 marine coaxial cable can provide better signal quality with less fluctuation compared to RG6 marine coaxial cables. They can also carry higher frequency signals than RG6 cables.

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