Marine Ethernet Cable Manufacturer in China

We are China’s manufacturer of marine ethernet cables for maritime and offshore applications. We can provide a shielded and armored type of marine ethernet cable for data purposes.

  • ABS approved
  • LSZH throughout
  • Fully compliant with IEC
  • Up to 1GBps transmission speed

Marine Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable is responsible for carrying broadband signals between the router, modem, computer device, and other devices capable of wired-internet. If you need higher data speed, you must use Cat.5E, Cat.6A, or higher ethernet cables. Marine ethernet cables are designed to use and provide data connections for maritime, especially ships.

We have become a provider of marine ethernet cable for some countries worldwide. We have the complete list of marine ethernet cable wire types. Our marine ethernet data cable is manufactured in compliance with IEC and marine type approved by ABS classification society.

Marine Ethernet Cable Types

cat5e s/ftp cable
Marine Data Cable (Cat. 5E S/FTP)

Braid and foil shielded for marine environment applications. Available in 23 AWG and 24AWG. This marine data cable provides high-data rates and is ABS approved.

cat6a s/ftp cable
Marine Ethernet Cable (Cat. 6A S/FTP)

A shielded cable with high-data rates function. This marine ethernet data cable is applicable for the maritime environment, offshore installation, or indoor use.

cat7 s/ftp cable
Marine Network Cable (Cat. 7 S/FTP)

Armored Cat.7 horizontal cable is perfect for offshore and marine applications. It is foiled individually and overall braid shielded. It provides fast and high data rate performance.

Can BUS Cable

Our CAN BUS cable is an ABS & DNV-GL-approved marine grade data cable and is widely used in the offshore industry. This data cable is an alternative to traditional analog writing multi-pair.

Profibus DP Cable
Profibus DP Cable

A marine-type pair of stranded bare copper data cables insulated with quality rubber materials. This Profibus cable comes with its color code of red/green and blue/brown.

Halogen-Free Marine Ethernet Cable
LSZH Marine LAN Cable

Our marine halogen-free ethernet cables are tough, flexible, shielded, and thermally robust. The optional outer sheath and bronze armor are also available.

Marine Ethernet Cable List Options

Why Choose Us

High Performance
High Performance

Our shipboard ethernet cable wires provide connectivity for various LAN network devices such as computer servers, PCs, routers, printers, network media players, and other devices.


Our ethernet cable for maritime environment application is armored and foil shielded which ensures its toughness and durability. The outer jacket is made with quality materials.

Wide Application
Wide Application

The shipboard ethernet cable we provide is high bandwidth and high-performance data connections. It is perfectly used for marine offshore and ships that require data connections.

Quality Standard
ABS Approved

All of our marine ethernet shielded cables (Cat.5E, Cat.6a, Cat.7) are type approved by ABS classification society. We ensure that your trust is worthy.

Advantages of Marine Ethernet Cable

Using marine ethernet cable allows you to experience the following advantages:

  • High bandwidth
  • Great used for the offshore and maritime environment
  • Light craft & high speed
  • The cable and design structure complies with the IEC requirements
  • Flexible and durable


Advantages of Marine Ethernet Cable
marine ethernet cable applications

Marine Ethernet Cable Application

The shipboard ethernet cable is a durable type of data cable, it is widely used for:

  • Offshore installations
  • Maritime environment
  • Indoor uses
  • Outdoor uses
  • Shipboards

Our Capabilities of Manufacturing Marine Ethernet & Data Cables

Company Advantage
Company Advantage

We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing shipboard ethernet cables. Our company approves some quality evaluations such as quality management system (ISO9001:2015), environmental management system (ISO14001:2015), and occupational health & safety management system (ISO45001:2018).

Our marine ethernet cable also receives marine type approval certificate from ABS. We have enough stocks for our marine cable which can provide for your urgent needs. We also support flexible payment terms & accept L/C, OA, and TT payments.

Can you use a UTP cable for Ethernet?

Well, both STP and UTP can be used for Ethernet. UTP is commonly used for some installations because it is cheaper than STP. But in terms of the offshore and marine environment, STP perfectly fits that application as it supports some shielding insulations.

Which is better, UTP or FTP?

In terms of performance, when installed properly, the FTP data cables provide EMI and superior crosstalk performance than UTP.

What is Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, and so on mean?

Cat5,6,7, and so on is the standard for Ethernet cables. It is not the same with RJ45 as most people think. RJ45 is the interconnection standard that stated the connector on how the color coding of wire is arranged at the end of the cable.

Can Cat5 cable plug into Cat6 jack?

The simple answer is YES. Cat5 cable can plug and work on the Cat6 network.

Does the wire color matter on the Ethernet cables?

It’s definitely no. The cable color doesn’t have any performance capabilities. Any certain colors of the wire provide equal and same functions over the others.

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