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We are expert supplier of offshore cables in the international Oil & Gas industry.

Offers an extensive range of oil & gas cables for power, control, instrumentation, and fiber optics.

  • Production Standard: NEK TS 606:2022
  • Approval Certificates: ABS, DNV-GL, CCS
  • Features: Flame Retardant, LSHF, Mud Resistant

NEK TS 606 Offshore Cables

Offshore cables are ideal for electrical power, communication, and instrumentation of drilling oils and fluids. It has an extensive and integrated power capable of performing under extreme conditions. The structure is sturdy that is resistant to cold, heat, vibration, oil, and salt corrosion. Offshore cable can withstand impact, mechanical and thermal stresses, and hydrocarbon-laden mud.

We produce outstanding cabling solutions for all types offshore applications. We focus on the highest standard of offshore cables with quality assurance. We provide the best technical support on offshore cable specifications, supply, and designs.


The RFOU cable is an EPR insulation electrical power cable, which is used for power and lighting on offshore units. It features flame retardant, low smoke and halogen free, mud resistant.

BFOU cable

The BFOU cable is a fire resistant offshore power cable that is used for electrical power and lighting on offshore platform. It features flame retardant, low smoke, halogen free and fire resistant.

medium voltage cable

Offshore power cables are ideal for distributing electricity across the various levels of offshore platforms. You can choose whether you need low voltage cables or high voltage cables.

UX earth cable

Offshore earth cable is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. It is widely used in different marine shipboard and offshore applications as earthing services.

marine telephone cable

Offshore instrumentation cable types include RFOU(i), RU(c), BFOU(i&c), and etc. They are designed perfectly for information and instrumentation systems on offshore application.

offshore vfd cable

The offshore VFD cable is designed with sheathing compounds in accordance with NEK TS 606:2016. It is great for operation and installation for variable frequency motor on oil rigs.

Why Choose Us

Quality Compliance
Quality Compliance

We are certified company that produces offshore cables according to NEK TS 606:2016 standard. The offshore cable types are type approved by ABS, DNV-GL, CCS classification societies, and more.

Quick Response
Quick Response

We have a professional team assigned to entertain all your inquiries. You can receive our response in 24 hours during closing time and within 12 hours in working time. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Outstanding After-sale Services
After-Sale Service

We are expert in providing premium quality offshore cables and excellent services. All your problems and concerns of offshore cable will be handled immediately. Solutions will be provided within 3 working days.

Extreme Condition Challenge
High Quality

All our offshore cables are produced for tough and harsh offshore environments. We ensure that the cables are ideal for the oil rig industry and can withstand all extreme challenges like cold, salt and mud.

NEK TS 606 Offshore Cable Applications

Our offshore cables are used in various oil and gas rigs. We’ve listed down below some areas where it is widely utilized.

  • Power and Lighting
  • Control Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Telecommunication
  • Variable Frequency Drives System
  • Earthing, and more
NEK TS 606 Offshore Cable Applications
Offshore Cable Features

Offshore Cable Features

We manufacture high-quality oil and gas cables, which complies with NEK TS 606 standard. It has various qualities that contribute to cable’s dependability and effectiveness.

  • Flame Retardant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Halogen-Free
  • Low Smoke
  • Mud-Resistant
  • Flexible

Offshore Cable Structure

Our offshore cable structure is made up of several components. Understanding these components will help you choose an ideal type for your application. The following are important components of an offshore cable structure.

  • Code of series
  • Insulation
  • Inner covering
  • Outer sheath
  • Armor
  • Screen
  • Combustion property
Oil and Gas Cables Standards

Oil and Gas Cables Standards

All offshore cables that we produce are 100% guaranteed. Professionally engineered in compliance with the international standards.

  • NEK TS 606:2016
  • IEEE 1850 type P
  • IEC 60092-353/354
  • BS 6883 & BS 7917

Cable Installation in the Oil and Gas Rig

Offshore cable system installation is a highly technical procedure. It needs specialized cable-laying vessels and equipment.

The quality of the offshore cable installation process is crucial. Since any errors or flaws could result in expensive maintenance and repair work. We have expert engineers to provide technical support on cable installation.

Cable Installation in the Oil and Gas Rig

Expert Oil & Gas Cables Manufacturer in China

We specialize in offshore cable manufacturing for 20+ years. We deliver high-tech cable products that can operate in the harshest climates and settings. These cables can survive direct mud contact. Withstand fire and emits a small number of corrosive fumes.

We have a wide selection of offshore cables used in the oil and gas industry. We offer a complete solution to your exact project requirements. You can source here cutting-edge oil and gas cables. In addition, we deliver customized cable solutions. Delivery time can be in 4 weeks. Feel free to get in touch with our experts for more assistance.


What is offshore cable?

Offshore cable, also called oil and gas cable, is designed for power, lighting, telecommunication, instrumentation and control systems on offshore platforms & oil rigs.

What is the difference between RFOU and BFOU?

RFOU and BFOU offshore power cables are both produced according to NEK TS 606:2016 standard. But RFOU cable is a flame retardant cable while BFOU cable is a fire-resistant cable with fire-proof layer mica tape.

What are the different symbols of NEK TS 606 offshore cable?

B: Mica Tape + EPR/XLPE

R: Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)

T: Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

U: Halogen-free compound

F: Inner covering

X: Non armor

O: Tinned copper wire braiding

C: Galvanized steel wire braiding

U: Thermosetting compound SHF2 or SHF Mud

(i): individual shield

(c): collective shield

What are the different types of offshore cable?


Instrumentation cable types: S101 RFOU(i) E/M, S102 RFOU(c) E/M, S103 BFOU(i) E/M, S104 BFOU(c) E/M, S105 RU(i) E/M, S106 RU(c) E/M, S107 BU(i) E/M, S108 BU(c) E/M, RFOU(i&c)/TFOU(i&c), BFOU(i&c), RU(i&c), BU(i&c), and more.


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