Safety Policy

Our company has adopted OHSAS as an integral part of its business performance and is committed to maintaining a high level of occupational health and safety at work with the requirements of the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

The Policy contains our commitments to achieving the goals of respecting and protecting human life and preventing occupational illnesses.

Our company is dedicated to:

  • We guarantee employee and equipment safety
  • Adherence to relevant legislation and regulations governing workplace health and safety
  • Training and raising employee awareness on workplace health and safety issues at all levels.
  • Constantly improve OHSAS performance by establishing and revising OHSAS objectives and targets.
  • Recognizing and assessing workplace dangers and hazards to health and safety
  • Maintain the health of all employees through regular medical examinations.
  • Ensure policy communication, understanding, and upkeep at all levels.
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