Ship Cable Manufacturer in China

We manufacture all types of high-quality and marine-grade ship cables. Our ship cables are commonly used for control systems, telecommunications, lighting, power, switchboard, etc.

  • Comply with JIS C 3410:2018 standard
  • Flame-retardant and fire-resistant capabilities
  • Zero-halogens & Low-smoke
  • With NK type approval certificate

JIS C 3410 Ship Cable

Ship cables are commonly installed in vessels, and ships for critical instrumentation signals, electrical power distribution, telecommunications, control circuits, lighting, and more.

They have the advantages of being halogen-free, low smoke, and flame-retardant. Additionally, they function well in adverse settings that involve humidity, vibration, salt corrosion, cold, heat, and other harsh environments.

We offer a wide range of ship cables such as ship electrical cables, marine flexible cable, ship telephone cable, and switchboard wire. All of our JIS C 3410 standard ship cables are approved by NK classification society.

Ship Electrical Cable

Ship electrical cable is produced for electrical power supply on ship boards. It is available in galvanized steel braid armor or unarmored. It features flame retardant and LSZH.

Ship Telephone Cable

Ship telephone cable is manufactured for telephone, instrumentation, control circuits, and communication operations. It is twisted pair cable and features LSHF and fire retardant.

Switchboard Wire
Switchboard Wire

Our switchboard wire is XLPE or PVC insulation, called SCP or SYP. It is flexible and available in a variety of sizes from 0.75sqmm to 95sqmm and ideal for shipboard application.

marine Flexible Cable
Marine Flexible Cable

Marine flexible cable is EPR insulation and PCP sheathed portable cord, called DPNP, TPNP, FPNP. There are available in two cores, three cores, four cores and feature high flexible and flame retardant.

marine ethernet cable

Marine data cable can provide reliable data transmission for boats, ships, and vessels.  The available types include Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 and Cat7A and approved by ABS and DNV-GL.

marine coaxial cable

Marine coaxial cable is produced with metal shielding to provide greater bandwidth and noise resistance for transmitting signals at high speed over huge distances. It is approved by ABS.

Ship Cable Advantages

Low Smoke
Low Smoke

Our ship cables don’t emit a lot of smoke in case of a fire. They comply with IEC 61034 series standard.


Our ship cables are produced according to IEC 60754-1 standard to prevent the emission of toxic gas in case of a fire.


Our cables are manufactured according to IEC 60332-3-22, Cat.A and passed the vertical flame spread testing.


Working temperature of ship cables is from -40℃ to +90 ℃. We also can produce cable that can resistant 125℃.

Ship Cable Structure

  • Conductor – Stranded tinned or bare copper conductor
  • Insulation – EPR or XLPE, which can avoid shorting of conductors
  • Filler – To reduce heat, and friction, and give a circular shape
  • Tape – To expel air pockets and hold the filler and conductor firmly
  • Inner Sheath – Sheathing or beading is used to protect the cable insulation against moisture
  • Armor – Armoring is the process of applying layers of galvanized steel wires braiding over the inner sheath
  • Outer Sheath – For better mechanical strength and protection against temperatures, oil, moisture, dirt, etc.
fa-tpyc cable structure
JIS C 3410 Ship Cable Symbols Meaning

JIS C 3410 Ship Cable Types Meaning

  • TPYC Cable – 3 cores marine cable with galvanized steel wire braided armored
  • DPNP / TPNP / FPNP – 2 / 3 / 4 cores marine flex cable with EPR insulation and PCP sheathed
  • FA-TTYC – 250V Flame retardant ship telephone cable
  • SCP – 0.6/1kV XLPE insulation flexible wire for switchboard
  • FR-MPYC – Fire resistant multi cores ship control cables with EPR insulation and PVC sheath
  • TTPYC-SLA – Individual shield marine telephone cable

Why Choose Us

Quick Response – You can feel free to contact us at any time and our sales team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Fast Delivery – The delivery period for in-stock ship cables is 7 days. For custom ship cables, it will take 15 to 30 days.

Excellent After-Sale Services – Any issues will be addressed within one working day. Solutions will be given within three working days.

Strong Laboratory Ability – ZTT cable testing center with completed equipment is founded to control cable’s quality and stability.

Your Reliable Marine Ship Cable Manufacturer

Your leading Offshore Power Cable Supplier

We are global manufacturer of ship cables for telephone, control circuits, power distribution, instrumentation, and other applications. Our ship cables conform to JIS C 3410:2108 standard and type approved by NK classfication society.

To ensure quality, our QA specialists test and inspect every ship cable. We have quality control in every process of manufacturing the ship cables.

Moreover, we offer custom ship cables to meet your specific needs in your applications or projects. We can customize the cable sizes, colors, materials, and other features and specifications you require.

jis c 3410 ship cable Applications
Ship Cable Applications

Ship cables are used for different kinds of ships, yachts, vessels, and cruises. They are used for:

  • Telephone & Instrumentation
  • Electrical Power Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Transmission
  • Control Systems
  • Lighting
  • Switchboard panels
ztt cable features
JIS C 3410 Cable Features

Our ship cables have features such as:

  • Lightweight
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Flame-Retardant
  • Low Smoke Emission
  • Water Block
  • Zero Halogen
  • Oil-Resistant
  • Temperature-Resistant

Types of Ship Cable

ship power cable
Ship Power Cable

Ship power cables are also called shipboard electrical cables. They are used for electrical power supply on shipboards. Their rating voltage is typically from 0.6/1kV up to 26/35kV. Usually, they are composed of:

  • Copper conductor
  • EPR / XLPE insulation
  • Inner covering
  • Copper or steel wire braid armored
  • Outer sheath
ship telephone cables
Ship Telephone Cables

Ship telephone cables are used for telecommunication, instrumentation, and vessel control circuits.  Also, they are designed with:

  • Twisted / Triple pairs conductor
  • EPR / XLPE insulation
  • Overall / individual shield
  • Inner covering
  • Armored
  • Outer sheath with PVC or SHF1
flexible marine cable wires
Marine Flexible Cable Wires

Marine flexible cable wires can provide a connection between electrical instruments and switchboards on ship boards. Usually, they have a rating voltage of 0.6/1kV. Their main properties include:

  • low smoke density
  • flame retardant
  • oil resistant
  • temperature-resistant
  • high flexible
Shipboard VFD Cable

Shipboard VFD cable is a special kind of marine cable that has outstanding electromagnetic compatibility. It is manufactured to be used in shipboard installations like pump stations, and motor drives. It is constructed with excellent performance features:

  • Good UV resistance
  • Low smoke & Halogen free
  • Offers high resistance against corrosion and rust
  • Low toxicity
  • Flame retardant
special marine cables
Special Marine Cables

ZTT special marine cables include marine data cable, marine coaxial cable and shipboard optical fiber cable.

They are produced according to IEC 60092-350 standard and approved by ABS.

Special marine cable includes the following:

  • Optical fiber cables: QFCI, AICI, Single-mode, Multi-mode
  • Ethernet Cables: Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, Cat 7A S/FTP.
  • Coaxial Cable: 50Ω, 75 Ω
ship cable manufacturer in china
Your Reliable Ship Cable Supplier in China

We supply high-quality, marine-grade, and safe ship cables at competitive prices. We are also capable of customizing the ship cables as per your request.

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