Ship-to-Shore Cable Manufacturer in China

When you are planning to buy a ship-to-shore power cable, we will provide you with the right power cable solutions for your applications.

  • ABS, CCS and DNV-GL Approved
  • Flame retardant
  • Rating voltage from 0.6/1kV to 8.7/15kV
  • Optical fiber element available

Ship-to-Shore Power Cable

The ship-to-shore power cable is used to connect the ship and the electricity grid to recharge or allow to use of any appliances. It helps to reduce the vibrations, noise, and polluting emissions in ports by using the electrical power from the grid and shutting down your power generation unit onboard while at berth.

We are responsible for providing a wide range of ship-to-shore cables for marine applications. Our ship-to-shore power cable is designed for transmitting power between shore and ships. By switching your power supply using a ship-to-shore power cable, you can save fuel.

Our ship-to-shore power cable can maintain its excellent performance even in the worse environment at piers and seaports around the world. Our ship-to-shore power cable is worth your choice.

EPR PCP Ship to Shore Power Cable
EPR PCP Ship to Shore Power Cable

Cable Type: CEFR/SA

Voltage Rating: 600/ 1000V

Standard: IEC60332-1, IEC60228

Property: Flexible, Flame Retardant

Structure: TC/EPR/PCP

Enhanced THOF Ship-to-Shore Power Cable
Enhanced THOF Ship-to-Shore Power Cable

Conductor: Tin coated copper

Insulation: EPR

Sheath: Black thermosetting CPE

Application:Specifically designed for shore-to-ship and other pier side application.

500MCM 3C Ship-to-Shore Power Cable

Conductor:500 kcmil tin Coated Copper

Insulation: Type I EPR Rated For 90°C

Jacket: Reinforced, Extra Heavy Duty Thermosetting CPE

Passed testing of flexibility in both summer & winter conditions

Low Voltage Ship-to-Shore Connection Cable
Low Voltage Ship-to-Shore Connection Cable

Conductor: Flexible stranded copper

Insulation:Elastomeric rubber

Option: Optical fiber element

Sheath: PCP / TPU / SHF2

Power Rating: 600V/ 1000V

Medium Voltage drum reeling cable
Medium Voltage Ship-to-Shore Power Cable

Rating Voltage: 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV

Certificates: CCS, DNV-GL

Optional: Optical fiber element, Rip cord braided

Feature: Flexible, Flame retardant, Resistant to sunlight & cold temperature

EPR Insulated CSP Sheath Shore Power Cable
EPR Insulated CSP Sheath Shore Power Cable

Cable Type: CEHR/SA

Voltage Rating: 600/ 1000V

Standard: IEC60332-1, IEC60228

Property: Flexible, Flame Retardant

Structure: TC/EPR/CSP

Why Choose Our Ship-to-Shore Power Cable

Flame Retardant
Flame Retardant

Ship-to-shore Power Cable Features

  • Minimized water migration
  • Inner jacket integrally filled to provide crush resistance and enhance toughness
  • Provide phase identification through single jacketed pigment colors
  • Mold cured jacket reinforcement to enhance tear and abrasion resistance
  • Tinned copper conductors to minimize corrosion
  • Conduct functional testing for both winter and summer conditions to ensure its flexibility
  • Provide long-term identification through indent printing
Ship-to-shore Power Cable Features
Ship-to-shore Power Cable Structure

Ship-to-shore Power Cable Structure

Here is the list of basic structure of ship-to-shore power cables:

  • Conductors – a tin-coated copper wire through which the electric power flows.
  • Separator – usually made with non-hygroscopic opaque polyester.
  • Insulation – the inner rubber insulation for the conductor. Usually made from ERP-rated 90°C bot dry or dry locations. Known for its color code of black, red, and white.
  • Jacket – a flame retardant and heavy-duty outer insulator. It is formulated to withstand any abrasive applications.

Ship-to-Shore Power Cable Resistance

  • Moisture Resistant
  • Sunlight Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Flame Retardant
Ship-to-Shore Power Cable Resistance

Our Capabilities of Manufacturing Ship-to-Shore Power Cable

Manufacturing Process of Submarine Cables
Our Capabilities of Manufacturing Ship-to-Shore Cable

We have over twenty years of experience in producing and providing custom ship-to-shore power cable solutions. For a long period in the industry of manufacturing electrical cables, we know how to create quality products.

Our company is performing testing, refining & improvement, and developing power cables for marine applications. Some of the largest ship builders globally lay to us their ship-to-shore power cable solutions. Our cables had been approved with the environmental management system, quality management system, and safety management system.

For your inquiries and order, kindly message us!

Benefits of Using Ship-to-Shore Power Cables
Benefits of Using Ship-to-Shore Power Cables

By using our cables, you will experience the benefits including:

  • Our power cables are resistant to water and other liquid. It can transfer power to the ship while lying in wet conditions.
  • Very durable and provides a longer lifespan. It can perform in various conditions.
  • Built with the latest cable technology form. More efficient to use compared to other cable types.
  • Available in different cord sets, it allows you to choose the right cord type for your marine applications.
  • Available in different sizes, shapes, and conductor counts.
  • Flexible and lightweight, allow users to operate it easily.
Ship-to-Shore Power Cables Applications
Ship-to-Shore Power Cables Applications

We provide engineered ship-to-shore power cable solutions to some equipment connections such as:

  • Ferry Terminals
  • Cruise Ship Terminals
  • Marinas & Yachts
  • Container Ships & Ports
  • Barges
  • Submarine Turtleback Boxes
  • Electrical Shore-tie Stations
  • Shore Power Hotels
  • Power Connection Stations (Dockside)
ship to shore power cable manufacturer
Your Reliable Provider of Ship-to-Shore Cable

Through our continuous quality and innovation, we can offer you top-quality Ship-to-Shore Power Cables for your applications!

What is the function of Ship-to-Shore Power Cables?

A ship-to-shore power cable is also known as the marine power cable, it is a power transmission cables use to transfer electric power from shore to ship.

Can Ship-to-Shore Power Cables be used for DC power?

Yes, there are ship-to-shore cables that support DC power. The reality is most boats/yachts are using DC electrical systems to power up and consume electrical power for some devices.

How to know that the Ship-to-Shore Power Cables are standard?

The standard ship-to-shore power cables are those that received approval from DNV-GL, ABS, BV, and other classification societies.

How many conductors does Ship-to-shore Power Cable have?

Well, mostly marine power cables are made with 3 to 4 cores. But any custom conductor counts are still depending on the customer’s requirements

How does the gauge function on electrical wire cables?

The gauge of the cable is used to determine the capacity or the amount of power that can flow through the cable. The higher the gauge, the more electric current can pass through with it.

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